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Whether youíre having a night off or you prefer to swerve the booze altogether, being sober in Berlin doesnít mean you canít have fun. Welcome to the Berlin first dry bar in Berlins party district Friedrichshain. Just go for zerobooze, improvised and cheerful. In the center of Berlin. We offer yummy alcohol-free cocktails and a relaxed atmosphere. Our place is perfect for going out for drinks with friends or hanging out. When booze is taken out of the drinks the whole vibe relaxes in a completely new chilled way. No longer you have to feel left out or uncool for being sober.

resting! zerobooze in Berlin.

Just come and see the new way of going out with a booze. Be a playful version of yourself. So, are you looking for zerobooze and zerobooze? Well, some people say that healthy, easy-going or peaceful pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also great, spectacular or hospitable.

calming? Some historic documents!

... takes a glass of Rhine or Moselle wine. This fancy is not justified. It is self-evident that the chronic alcoholism of medicine is always associated with the protracted immoderate use of alcohol, for as soon as we pass from this to the reasonable use of alcohol by moderate men there is no further special ...

But today it is in Berlin more about zerobooze, improvised or jazzy. Take a leap to the zerobooze soberbar!

zerobooze soberbar in Berlin - drybar Berlin