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Whether youíre teetotal, looking to cut down or simply taking a break from the booze, finding a decent non-alcoholic drink in Berlin is easy now. Our bar offers Boozy beverages minus the booze. Just go for unconventional, hearty and zero. In the center of Berlin. We focused on alcohol-free beer, wine and cocktails. the booze-free beverage is finally getting the attention it deserves. We combine homemade syrups with house-blend soda for a unique alcohol-free mocktail. We provide non-drinkers with grown-up boozeless experience.

amusing! unconventional in Berlin.

Check it out! Be passionately curious and meet like-minded people at Zeroliq! So, are you looking for unconventional and clean? Well, some people say that noalcohol, homy or adventurous pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also first, warm or gallant.

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But today it is in Berlin more about unconventional, contemporary or respectful. Take a leap to the unconventional soberbar!

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