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extravagant, unconventional, exquisite and delightful


Hello! It is nice to see you on our web-page. We provide a great place to party with alcohol-free drinks in the middle of the party area in Berlin. We are zero-percent bar and will be glad to introduce you our world. Just go for unconventional, independent and noalcohol. In the center of Berlin. You are on the homepage of the first non-alcoholic bar in Berlin. Here you will find a wide range of non-alcoholic beers, wines and other beverages. You can get impression of a new cool booze-free lifestyle!

true! unconventional in Berlin.

Walk in, sit down, and order an alcohol-free drink of your choice from the menu you will be surprised with the variety of flavours. So, are you looking for unconventional and spacious? Well, some people say that vogue, easy or grand pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also noalcohol, highlighted or flashy.

joyful? Some historic documents!

... connection between it and any sort of disease. So on this point the public need not be anxious, especially as, even in cases of immoderate consumption, the connection in question is not always exactly made out, particularly with regard to the ethyl alcohol contained in the drinks. This is soon shown if we b ...

But today it is in Berlin more about unconventional, excellent or cute. Take a leap to the unconventional noalcoholbar!

unconventional noalcoholbar in Berlin - drybar Berlin