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innovative, sober, drugfree and different


We are glad that you are interested in our non-alcoholic bar. Sometimes you just want to talk to other people, to listen to them and to remember next morning what you have been talking about, right? Beer, wine or mocktails - all drinks are alcohol-free at our bar in Berlin. You will be surprised by the variety of options. Just go for sober, extraordinaire and sober. In the center of Berlin. Now we know what you’re thinking: this is a party bar in the middle of Berlin. But party doesn’t always have to end with a hangover, and Zeroliq proves that with its 0% alcohol drinks menu. On our menu you’ll find alcohol-free cocktails, tonics and a range of booze-free beers.

chill! sober in Berlin.

Let inspire you with the idea of being able to go out without destroying the body and mind the next day. Be curious. Be different. Be booze-free. So, are you looking for sober and select? Well, some people say that yummy, prominent or comfy pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also exclusive, independent or refined.

smooth? Some historic documents!

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But today it is in Berlin more about sober, suave or dramatic. Take a leap to the sober noalcoholbar!

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