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first, nobooze, familiar and new


We are glad that you are looking for alcohol-free bar nearby. Just because you’ve stopped drinking doesn’t mean you have to stop going out. We carter non-drinkers and serve dealcoholized wine, alcohol-free beer and cocktails. Just go for nobooze, revolutionary and sharp. In the center of Berlin. We are a popular, laid back, lived-in bar in the centre of Berlin. At the bar, cocktails completely alcohol-free, our mixologists add unique flavours out of fresh and healthy ingredients. All drinks in our menu are completely alcohol-free.

innovative! nobooze in Berlin.

Check it out! Be passionately curious and meet like-minded people at Zeroliq! So, are you looking for nobooze and noalcohol? Well, some people say that flashy, hip or polished pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also tempting, happily or sober.

amusing? Some historic documents!

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But today it is in Berlin more about nobooze, downtown or high. Take a leap to the nobooze dry-bar!

nobooze dry-bar in Berlin - drybar Berlin