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Hello and welcome to our web-site. You might be interested in going out, socialising with friends but don't want to wake up with hangover next morning? You can have a look on our menu here and get some inspiration to pass by one day. Just go for noalcohol, original and relaxed. In the center of Berlin. Our bar as a social space of communication, where people find like-minded people among mindful drinkers, as well as connect with others who are nothing like them while enjoying one of our booze-free drinks. Friendly bartenders, unique drinks, special booze-free nightlife experience.

swell! noalcohol in Berlin.

Just come and see the new way of going out with a booze. Be a playful version of yourself. So, are you looking for noalcohol and hangoverfree? Well, some people say that flawless, sexy or peaceful pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also boozeless, hangoverfree or cute.

nice? Some historic documents!

... e drinker must be sharply distinguished from the moderate consumer of alcohol, not only by the fact that the latter drinks for the sake of Stimulation while the former drinks for the sake of oblivion, but also because the one follows the path of exeess while the other remains moderate for his whole life, an ...

But today it is in Berlin more about noalcohol, terrific or tempting. Take a leap to the noalcohol alcoholfree-bar!

noalcohol alcoholfree-bar in Berlin - drybar Berlin