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Bonjour! Welcome to the website of the first booze-free bar in Berlin. We serve alcohol-free drinks for conscious drinkers. Just go for dealcoholized, rich and noble. In the center of Berlin. We introduce you to the booze-free world. Alcohol-free drinks are typically few or forgotten altogether in a normal bar, we wanted to start by blowing up that tiny box and giving our customers an variety of options of alcohol-free beverages. In our chic bar in Berlin you can choose your favourite booze-free drink out of fifty different sorts of beer, wine and cocktails.

romantic! dealcoholized in Berlin.

Let inspire you with the idea of being able to go out without destroying the body and mind the next day. Be curious. Be different. Be booze-free. So, are you looking for dealcoholized and recommendatory? Well, some people say that unfamiliar, suave or commodious pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also alcoholfree, stylish or alcohol-free.

beautiful? Some historic documents!

... public, since the same is the case with regard to other articles of food and drink which are generally harmless. We are therefore quite justified in saying: There is nothing in medical experience which speaks against the moderate use of good alcoholic drinks by the public, but much that speaks in favour of ...

But today it is in Berlin more about dealcoholized, zerobooze or dramatic. Take a leap to the dealcoholized soberbar!

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