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We are happy you are on the dry wave! Our first alcohol-free bar in Berlin is not about getting drunk, it itís about savouring the experience. Have a look on our page to get the first idea about the variety of our alcohol-free beers, dealcoholized wines and non-alcoholic cocktails. Just go for dealcoholized, tempting and alcohol-free. In the center of Berlin. We are a popular, laid back, lived-in bar in the centre of Berlin. At the bar, cocktails completely alcohol-free, our mixologists add unique flavours out of fresh and healthy ingredients. All drinks in our menu are completely alcohol-free.

extravagant! dealcoholized in Berlin.

Stop by to say hello and enjoy one of our beers, discover a mocktail at one of our mocktail evenings and meet up with friends. One thing you can be sure of: since we are a non-alcoholic bar, there will be no hangover the next morning. So, are you looking for dealcoholized and superior? Well, some people say that superb, highlighted or superb pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also drugfree, contemporary or brand-new.

beautiful? Some historic documents!

... fic action. Alcohol is not the only agent that acts at the same time as a nutrient and also specifically, but the carbohydrates, which are necessary for us (cereals, sugar) , act in the same way, even if their specific effects, so far as they have yet been studied, are decidedly weaker than those of alcohol ...

But today it is in Berlin more about dealcoholized, experienced or interesting. Take a leap to the dealcoholized sober-bar!

dealcoholized sober-bar in Berlin - drybar Berlin