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Hello! It is nice to see you on our web-page. We provide a great place to party with alcohol-free drinks in the middle of the party area in Berlin. We are zero-percent bar and will be glad to introduce you our world. Just go for boozeless, temperate and exceptional. In the center of Berlin. We offer inviting, chill atmosphere and a great place to take drinking & non-drinking friends alike for an adventurous tasting experience. Flawless, amazing cocktails and outstanding bartenders will shape your booze-free evening.

hangoverfree! boozeless in Berlin.

If you are looking to socialize and have a great time without being surrounded by the toxicity of alcohol consumption or if you’re simply looking to explore delicious booze-free mocktails then this is the place for you! So, are you looking for boozeless and fascinating? Well, some people say that adventurous, stellar or fascinating pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also rich, warming or gentle.

first-class? Some historic documents!

... the development of any disease whatever iscertainly out. Consider, on the other hand, the nutritive value of alcoholic drinks. That these, according to their other constituents and to the Proportion of alcohol contained in them, may be essentially nutritious, should never be forgotten. In this matter, as in ...

But today it is in Berlin more about boozeless, dramatic or smooth. Take a leap to the boozeless alcoholfree-bar!

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